What we do

Mechanical Engineering

With over 20 years of combined experience in manufacturing, TRI-M´s work is commited to staff and quality services, we take pride in creating a better service for our customers.


Steel Fabrication

Capable of production runs from low to high volume, we work with our customers from the initial concept of design and prototype to manufacturing, delivery and assembly.
Our aim is commitment to service, producing high quality products and establishing long term relationships with our customers and suppliers.

Fuel Storage & Distribution Systems

Complete design, fabrication and installation of fuel storage & distribution systems including tanks, pipelines, armature, loading gantries and other structures.

Civil Construction

TRI-M also offers services in construction. We have built a school in Inhambane, a condominium and warehouses in Moatize and a vacation resort in Ponta d'Ouro.


As the title suggests, TRI-M provides steel maintenance. Some routine maintenance and cleaning is needed to keep steel surfaces in good condition so that the aesthetic appearance and corrosion resistance are not compromised.

Accomodation & Warehouse Rentals

Besides the services mentioned above , TRI-M also rents houses, warehouses, workshops and heavy machinery located in Matola , Moatize and Ponta d'Ouro .

Mountain View


Rua de Palma 406, Matola, Moçambique Tel:+258 217 804 34/32
Fax: +258 217 804 37